About Us

Welcome to Aquantuo

Having experienced over and over again the numerous challenges we face as Africans receiving and sending goods across the continent, Aquantuo was started to help bridge the gap that exists between Africa and the rest of the world, but, without all the hassles.

Aquantuo wants to bring the world to the doorstep of every African.

While doing this, we also aim to give Africans the opportunity to showcase our rare and often overlooked resources to the world.

We do all of this by providing customized end to end air freight and sea freight solutions from the US, UK, Canada and China to Kenya and Ghana and from Ghana to the US for individuals, small and large businesses.

A team comprising of passionate recent university graduates and experienced industry professionals with a staff comprising mostly women, we believe in diversity and do not despise little beginnings. Our values include Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.

Aquantuo means journey, come on this journey with us!

International shipping company team