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Global Shopping, Local Delivery – International shipping from USA to Your Doorstep

Embark on an online shopping journey with Aquantuo, the bridge for international shipping from the USA to Africa. Dive into amazing selections of Amazon finds, shop unique items on eBay, and explore your favorite online stores in the USA with no international shipping border lines. With Aquantuo, we deliver your purchases from the USA to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC, and Rwanda with the simplicity and reliability of localized services.

Why Choose Aquantuo for Your USA to Africa International Shipping?

Access USA Retailers in Africa with Ease

Shop from top US online retailers hassle-free with Aquantuo's USA to Africa shipping service. Get the latest fashion, beauty products, and more from stores like Amazon and eBay delivered to your African destination. Plus, enjoy Apple Store pick-ups for the latest gadgets.


Save Money with US Free Sales Tax Address

In some parts of the USA, like Delaware, there is no sales tax. By shipping to our warehouse in Delaware, you avoid extra charges. It’s a smart way to stretch your budget further and enjoy more of what you love from the USA without paying an extra cost to it!


Tailored International Shipping Services:

Aquantuo caters to your shipping needs, whether you're into tech gadgets from Amazon or vintage fashion from Fashionova or Shein. Enjoy customized shipping solutions for every item, ensuring they arrive safely in Africa.


Streamlined Shopping and Shipping:

Experience a seamless online shopping journey with Aquantuo. Shop from US retailers and ship to Ghana, Nigeria, or any African nation effortlessly, with additional shopping assistance and custom buying solutions available.


Last Mile Delivery from the USA

Access American online retail without leaving home. Aquantuo acts as your personal shopping and shipping agent, consolidating purchases from different states and delivering them to your doorstep in Africa.


Smart Consolidation for Savings

Combine purchases from various retailers to save on shipping costs with Aquantuo's consolidation service. Benefit from reduced rates while shipping to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, DRC, Rwanda, Zambia, and more.


Transparent Pricing

Know your shipping costs upfront with Aquantuo's transparent pricing model. Use our shipping cost estimator calculator for clear pricing from air shipping to Ghana to sea freight to Kenya.


Reliable International Delivery

Count on Aquantuo for trusted delivery schedules and advanced tracking technology. Stay updated on your package's whereabouts throughout the shipping journey, ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Empower Your Business with USA Products

Business owners in Africa looking to stock up on quality American products can rely on Aquantuo for bulk and wholesale shipping from the USA. Expand your product offerings by tapping into the USA's vast market, enhancing your inventory with goods your customers love to see. Whether it’s skin care from the USA, Clothes, shoes, electronics, you name it, we all know quality drives sales and loyalty in business

Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is at your disposal, ready to assist with any queries from 'how to shop online in the USA and ship to Africa' to 'navigating customs for international shipping.' With Aquantuo, you're not just a tracking number; you're a member of a community that values service and satisfaction.

Aquantuo – Your Gateway to International Shipping to Africa.

Aquantuo allows you to shop from USA-based Amazon and eBay as if you were in the States. Whether it's limited-edition sneakers, hard-to-find books, shopping for your business, or the latest electronics, your international shopping is limitless. Our commitment is to ensure that every package, no matter how small or large, is treated with care and delivered with precision, no minimum weight, no maximum weight, get shipping.

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