Shipping ChargesStandard shipping feesApplicable discounts if total weight exceeds 66lbs/30kg
Buy for Me/Concierge serviceStandard processing feesApplicable discounts if total cost of items exceeds $500
Return to retailler/shipperPay all associated costs to return to retailer from destination countryShipping cost back from destination country to USA is covered if under $30 and 5% off if weight is more than 3lbs
Additional picturesLimited to 1 picture. $1 for additional pictures.Free Unlimited number of pictures
Additional storage in US/Canada15 days maximun hold period if items are not being consolidated. $10 per day after 30 working day hold period if items are not being consolidated
Additional storage in destination country7 days from time of notice of package arrival. Storage is $4 per day thereafter15 days from time of notice of package arrival before storage kicks in. Storage is $4 per day
Priority/Express ShippingPays full Express Shipping costDiscounted Express Shipping Cost
Pick up from local stores(Apple, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, BJs,etc) within the USACost varies. $25 minimumFree, if within the state of Delaware.
Pick up within Ghana for exports to the USApplicable pick up charges accessedFree, if within 48km/30 miles from Aquantuo's regional office
Extra packaging material/ unique packagingExtra cost-varies-$1 minimumFree
Special Requests( verify equipment state, assemble parts, etc)Extra cost-varies-$5/KES 500 / GHS 25 minimumIncluded for most requests

*Terms are subject to change