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Country Of OriginAir Freight PricingSea Freight Pricing
USA0-30kg - $21.5/KG
31kg-50kg - $19.8/KG
51kg- 100kg- $18.5/KG
100kg and above - $18/KG
UK0-30kg - $14/KG
31kg-50kg - $11/KG
51kg- 100kg- $10/KG
100kg and above - $9.5/KG

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Transparent pricing with no surprises

Our shipping fees are inclusive of taxes except for a few items as listed below:
Laptops and Cameras- Flat fee of $150
Mobile phones- flat fee of $70
Desktops - $19.8/kg. PLUS a flat fee of $50 for taxes

Upon request, we can consolidate your items up to a maximum of 2 consecutive shipments.

Shipping fees are charged on either actual or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

We deliver between 10-14 working days from the time we receive them at our address abroad.

Should you fail to pick up your items, storage fees will start to accrue after 7 working days from when we share the invoice at a rate of $1 a day.

Insurance is billed at 3% of item value on each item. It is optional but terms and conditions apply.


A full or partial amount of the shipping fee shall be required before items are shipped.

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