Air and Sea Freight Services

Essential Air and Sea Freight International Cargo Service

Air freight services are required for the quick delivery of valuable goods. Whereas sea freight is preferred for heavyweight containers. Bothmedium, whether by sea or air is essential for transporting the goods. The choice of one over the other is usually made considering the nature of the goods being transited. There are many perks of choosing these services. Air cargo is the safest medium that offers the fastest delivery. Naturally, it is an expensive service. Sea freight service is comparatively cheap but is time-consuming as well. Both are important and useful for their respective users. These services can be easily secured with a shipping company offering global shipping.

Sea and Air Freighting Services

Air Freight services

When you are looking for a service provider offering air cargo service, you need to do a lot of research. Airfreight or air cargo attracts documentation of commercial invoice of goods, bill of entry, certificate to carry hazardous goods(if applicable),airway bill, list of packed goods, and related instructions. These are to be submitted to start the journey of goods on an airplane and even when the aircraft lands. Collecting and submitting these documents may seem easy but this is a delicate and meticulous process requiring special software in some cases. There are requirement for proper formatting of these documents that should be done by a professional. Air cargo companies have a team of experts that take care of all the documentation on behalf of their customers.

Key advantages of booking air freight service with a cargo company

  • Documentation is done by experts: The whole process of documentation is handled by a team of experts. Aquantuo’s team is highly experienced to complete documentation for its customers.
  • Secure and timely delivery: Air freight can be argued to be the s safest compared to sea freight. It ensures a more concise delivery of goods and services within the time frame as needed by customers.
  • Lower level of risk: With proper labelling, packaging and instructions, the risk of breaking, stealing, or losing the packages is considerably lower with air freight. Valuable items are delivered with the vigilance of expert staff.
  • Quick delivery is possible: In case of emergency import of certain essential goods, air freight should be preferred as it provides quick delivery.

The above-mentioned advantages can be easily enjoyed by booking an air cargo service with Aquantuo.

Shipping companies are preferred by businesses dealing in the bulk delivery of goods. Just not that the quantity is high, but also weighs in tonnes. Raw or processed food items, marine items, heavyweight machinery, armed armatures, utility items, different types of small-sized products, etc. Seaports are the busiest ports that have large containers of anything and everything that is imported and exported. Goods that are found in an extremely large quantitiesin a foreign land are generally imported or exported through sea freight. Apart from documentation, one needs to rent or buy containers, own a warehouse, and arrange for transportation of goods from one port to another port. It is hard to manage all of these tasks without proper guidance and experience. It is better to outsource these stages of sea freight services to a shipping company.

Benefits of choosing a shipping company

  • No capital expenditure is attracted.
  • Easy pick-up and drop-off of packages service are offered by the company.
  • It is an economic option and saves time.
  • The customer can easily avoid the hectic schedule of such a complex task.

Choose Aquantuo for world-class air freight and sea freight service.

We are a team of experienced experts, working closely to provide customized solutions to our customers. Our staff is responsible for gathering all the information and completing all the documentation work on your behalf. We will guide you to get your goods delivered from the US, the UK, China and Canada to Ghana and Kenya. We specialize in 20 foot and 40-foot container cargo. We also handle roll-on/roll-off (RORO) shipping. Whether bulk shipments or oversized shipments requiring open-top containers or flat racks, we can help.