Consolidated Shipping Company

Best way to serve customers by offering international freight consolidation

A shipping company can offer a variety of services like sea freight service, transportation, loading, and unloading. One of the most thoughtful services is consolidated shipping. It could also be termed as repackaging of goods. With this service, the service provider offers the client the option to buy goods over a period of time and hold all the packages until the cargo is completed. Once all the pieces arrive or the purchase is complete, all the items are then put together and shipped out. It is beneficial for both parties and is a convenient option. This service provides multiple benefits as the packages are put together and repackaged.

Consolidated Shippiing Company

Benefits of hiring international freight consolidators

Some of the benefits to the customer when choosing to consolidate shipping are:

  • Reduced shipping cost: The cost per unit is high in case a small number of goods are being shipped. In case it is a bulk quantity, the shipping cost is comparatively low per unit item. A business entity dealing in regular delivery of goods should opt for repackaging of the products to be shipped together.
  • No rush while purchasing goods: When you have to ship a parcel containing different types of goods, you can easily bundle them up. When you shop multiple products from different vendors, they all arrive at different times. You need a service that can be patient and carefully hold, track and put together your packages as they each arrive separately.
  • No additional charges to hold goods: For a reasonable window while your packages arrive, no additional fees are charged in storage. This really encourages the customers to opt for repackaging and ship a complete set of goods together.
  • Maximize your volumetric weight charge: Most packages that arrive in warehouse are in boxes that are twice or more the size needed. If these items were to be shipped individually by air, volumetric weight will be applicable although they may not be taking up a lot of space. If by sea, the customer ends up having more pieces. When items are consolidated, all these dead spaces are maximized, while at the same time, ensuring that your products are well packaged and secure.

Customer can easily get these services through Aquantuo. Aquantuo is serving client needs from the UK, the US, China and Canada to Ghana and Kenya. You can easily shop and hold. The shipping will be done as soon as you have finished the shopping and give the go ahead.

Air freight and Sea freight services with the additional benefit of consolidated shipping

Services offered by international freight consolidators are an additional benefit apart from air freight and sea freight service. It is not an easy task for any company to take responsibility for the goods of a customer. But Aquantuo is ready to take the risk for their customers. It is ready to hold on to the goods for a long period and ensure round-clock security and safety of the goods. Offering a storage space is the most convenient way to help a customer who wants to ship multiple items at the same time. It is advantageous for both; customers and shipping companies. The company can complete the required limit of the maximum weight that a shipment should carry to earn a decent profit. Few companies charge an additional cost for repackaging of goods. Not in the case of Aquantuo, they are offering repackaging service for free.

Aquantuo is offering free consolidated shipping

We are here toserve withyour best interest at heart. If shipping individual items internationally is a concern and want to hold, repackaged and ship, we can assist. We will provide you with the needed space to store your goods and will wait till you complete your shopping to our respective warehouses. International shipping is costly and we will not allow you to overspend if we can help it. Through consolidated shipping, you can easily save money and get your complete consignment delivered to the address. We will give you a unique address where you can store these items without any additional cost. We believe in delighting the customer.