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Last Mile Delivery

When your package arrives in Kenya or Ghana, you have the option to pick it up from any of our locations, but we would like to arrange to deliver it to you - to cover the Last Mile.

After moving your valuable items several thousands of miles to get them into Kenya or Ghana, we can’t get too comfortable by entrusting your shipment to just anyone. That is why Aquantuo’s own drivers, dispatch riders or trusted third party transporters carefully confirm the state of your items and deliver your packages promptly just as if it were ours.

Studies show that 69% of accidents occur within 10 miles from the final destination. Our team understands this and takes precautionary measures to get your packages to you quickly and safely.

In Ghana, we also offer local delivery services where we pick up packages from one point to the other within the Greater Accra Region. This service is available to all and is independent of our international freight forwarding offering.Thus, you don’t need to have a package come from abroad to benefit from this service.

We took great pains to ship your items from abroad into the country, you can be certain that we will do all we can to get it into your hands intact and safely.

If you are using our Send A Package service option, we partner with several trusted companies to pick up your package from the door of originating country to our respective warehouses and subsequently deliver them to you.

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