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Pick and Pack Companies Kenya and Ghana

Stay focused on running the business, let us take care of your orders

Do you need a place to hold your products and ship them out as and when the orders are made?

Are you in Africa and looking to reach the US market with your goods and products?

We store and fulfill orders on demand.

Whether you are a multinational company looking to distribute your goods to the Ghanaian market or you are in Kenya, Ghana or any other country and looking to reach the US market, we can help. We can hold your inventory in our warehouse and as orders for your goods come in, we will arrange to have them picked, packed and shipped out to your clients.

You don't need the added cost of finding a warehouse, hiring people or processing the orders. We take care of that.

Pick Pack Fulfilment Company

As your orders are fulfiled, you keep control over your stock and shipments through our portal. You can monitor inventory levels or get notified when the stock drops to your predefined minimum threshold.

Pick Pack Fulfilment Service

Pick and Pack FAQs

Here are a few of the most asked questions on pick and pack fulfillment!

A pick and pack fee is the fee accessed when a piece of inventory is picked up from a warehouse shelf and packed for shipment.

A warehouses that has inventory stored in it that will be picked and packed right after an order is placed.

Pick packing is done by a person who does the picking and packing of an item. The pick packer goes through the warehouse to pick up a piece of inventory and complete their picking list for onward shipment.

Aquantuo’s pick and pack warehouse fulfillment services

Aquantuo offers its clients same-day turnaround for orders that are placed before 1:00 PM. Along with an accurate and speedy pick and pack process, Aquantuo offers the following order fulfillment services to ecommerce businesses:

Distributed inventory

With own own warehouses and a network of warehouses that perform pick and pack services, Aquantuo lets customers split their products across any combination of warehouses to store and ship them closer to the end customers. Less distance reduces logistics costs, and also speeds up delivery times.

Free Reporting

We undersand the need for you to keep track of your inventory levels. Aquantuo’s information systems simplifies inventory management and lets you know what your inventory levels are for your business.

Order management

Aquantuo will provide you with real-time or near real time updates on all the orders we process. We understand you want to keep your client's updated, so we keep you updated so you can also keep your client's informed, including providing third party order tracking numbers.

White label service

With Aquantuo, your client's packages won’t have our name printed anywhere but the shipping label, where applicable.

Branded packaging

Do you have packaging that you’re not ready to give up? No problem. Aquantuo understands that unboxing is a vital part of the brand experience and will pack your orders in your own custom packaging.

Bulk shipping discounts

Aquantuo ships several packages with the four major U.S. carriers daily. In Ghana, we deliver the products ourselves to the door or work with trusted agents in other regions. We’ve negotiated bulk shipping discounts, which we pass on to you.