Shipping from Canada to Ghana

Aquantuo The Best Shipping Company in Canada to Ghana

AQUANTUO is an end to end freight services provider that delivers all your items to specific destinations. When you inform us of the items you need moved, we will make sure you get them at your doorstep at the earliest. We give you customized one-stop freight services by land, air, and sea. These freight services are available for individuals, small and large businesses.

As one of USA's top shipping companies, AQUANTUO prides itself on providing fast, secure, and reliable freight services. We have a highly skilled and meticulous team that offers all freight services to you proficiently. It happens because of their excellent work experience and real trustworthiness. Our customer service professionals respond to your freight emergency promptly.

Shipping from Canada to Ghana

We ensure proper and consistent pick up from all 50 US states and Canada, for all manner of packages and deliver them to your door. You can also get prompt purchase assistance from us and shipping at the same time. Shipping from USA to Kenya and shipping from USA to Ghana is quite prominent with AQUANTUO.

With AQUANTUO, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay to the competition. Especially in comparison to what you generally pay for freight services to companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS/Kenya Post/Posta Kenya, and UPS, etc. If you are shipping from USA to Kenya or shipping from Kenya to USA, we are here to help.

We confirm each package received or picked up, verify that they are in a good state, and repackage where necessary before shipping. We also keep you informed every step of the way via timely notifications and through our tracking system. The clearance from customs for all of your items is our responsibility. At Aquantuo, we make sure that you get the best shipping services at low prices.

How We Work?

Our process is very simple. Let’s look at how we function.

Online purchases

You can shop online from your favorite stores anytime, then at checkout, choose to ship those items to your unique AQUANTUO address, which will be found under your profile when you sign up on our platform. Yes! You can get a free US address for shopping with us. After that, you can log on to your AQUANTUO account online or on the app to let us know about what items to expect in your name.

After we receive your items and the cost of shipping has been paid, we ensure fast delivery to your desired location. In all, the online purchases with us will be an excellent experience for you.

Buy for me/Concierge

We purchase items for you on your behalf when you provide us the URL and specific details. You pay only after we confirm the product that you want to buy.

Once we get your item after purchasing it, we deliver it to your doorstep at the earliest. With this service, you can focus on other essential things in your life while we do the buying for you. Meanwhile, we got you covered for shipping to Kenya from USA or air freight from Kenya to USA or anywhere else.

If you are within the United States and want to save on the cost of shipping from your state to our location in Delaware, but the store won’t ship the products, simply give us your shopping list, we can walk into stroes like Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, Lowes, Home Depot and many other brick and mortar stores to purchase those items for your business, project or home. We also offer this convenient service for our international clients as well.

Send a package

AQUANTUO package delivery services, USA, sends/receives packages from family, friends, and other businesses. With this, you tell us the address to pick up your package from and where to send it. Only then we arrange and pick up your package from your address. To schedule a pick up from a US or Canada location, we will also need the weight and dimension of each package to be picked up.

The convenience of this door to door service from the USA to Kenya or from Kenya to the USA is unmatched and is ideal for busy individuals or businesses who would rather focus on other priorities.

Pick and pack fulfillment

You can get in touch with AQUANTUO to avail the best pick and pack fulfillment services. We are one of the well-known pick and pack companies in the USA and Kenya. You can store your goods in our warehouses for shipping purposes. And then you can fulfill the online orders from your customers through our shipping services. So if you are in our outside the USA and looking to sell your products to an international market, talk to us about your fulfilment needs.

In the pick and pack fulfillment, we will store your packages in our warehouse, then as your orders come in through our integrated software or via a means that works for you, we have pickers that work on your orders. They will then pick, pack and seal your goods for shipping to your customers. With timely updates on the status of these orders to you and the status of your inventory with us. It helps you to track vital aspects of your business. Download and install our free mobile AQUANTUO app from the App Store or Google Play. That will help you to quickly get in touch with us to send your request for any freight service. We revert immediately to fulfill your freight service request. This app helps you in tracking your shipments on the go. The latest updates and notifications from the customer support team are also available on the AQUANTUO app.

Get in touch to know more about our services.


AQUANTUO ships by land, sea, and air. So, the distance doesn’t matter as we rely on the quality of service. The shipping cost from Kenya to USA or vice versa is the bare minimum. By air freight, we ship in 5 to 10 business days, 6 to 8 weeks by sea, or get a local delivery as per the address. If you are not sure of the shipping charges, try our shipping calculator. Put in the destination country, region, and city. Select the category of the package with the total cost of all the items. You can tick if you wish to consolidate the items for shipping together and hit the Calculate Now button. A few of our services for shipping from USA to Kenya or the way back include:

Consolidated Shipping


Sea and Air Freighting


Pick and Pack Fulfilment

and many more

AQUANTUO even has a free mobile app. That is to say, you don’t need a system or get on a browser to do the needful. Download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store and have access to our incredible services.

You will find a range of door to door shipping companies from USA to Kenya. But none can serve you a consolidated package of services that we can.