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Aquantuo Ship Products from USA to Kenya

AQUANTUO is one of the top parcel delivery companies in Kenya. We help our customers with International Shipping from USA to Kenya. Our International courier services in Kenya include end-to-end air and sea freight services.

With that, we also serve you by shipping goods from Kenya to USA. AQUANTUO is one of the leading International shipping companies in Kenya. We help individuals, small and large businesses in shipping goods to Kenya from USA. We are your one-stop solution for any parcel services in Kenya. Additionally, we provide carrier services in Kenya and door to door cargo to Kenya.

Our entire process is very easy & simple. You can completely trust us and hand over the task. Meanwhile, we assure you to provide the best-in-class International Shipping services. No matter how little or big your shipment item is, we deal with every item carefully.

We are thriving hard to eliminate all the geographical boundaries and help our customers across locations. So, with AQUANTUO, you can now shop online from your favorite stores. Subsequently, we deliver you the items. You can find us in Canada, USA, Ghana, and Kenya.

All you need to do is simply follow the easy to use steps. First, go to your favorite eCommerce store and select the product. Thereafter, log in to Aquantuo and provide the URL or details on what you need help buying. Next, we confirm the item with you after which you pay for the item. We purchase the item and forward it to your international address as soon as we receive it.

While there are many companies that offer shipping to Kenya from USA, none of those international shipping companies in Kenya can offer you the guaranteed services like that of AQUANTUO's. The rest is assured!

What We Specialize In?

With AQUANTUO International courier services in Kenya, you don't need to put in the extra effort. That means you don't have to visit the premises to collect your parcels. Just relax and enjoy the peace of mind of being in good hands. We, being the best Parcel services in Kenya, ensure to deliver your package at your doorstep.

We are specialized in shipping and moving any commodities. May it be merchandised goods or cargo, we can accompany your shipping goods to Kenya from USA.

We guide you at each step for shipping goods to Kenya from USA. Then we suggest the best, safest, and cost-effective method of shipping. That makes the process more reliable, faster, and convenient.

Apart from delivering, we also pick up your parcels from your preferred address. Just tell us where the item is to be picked, and we will have the parcel to the destination.

We deliver your packages at your convenience. Moreover, you can have your choice of the best transportation method. We always ensure to improve our customer's experience. Our expertise lies in shipping and value for each product. So, mishandling is not something that you would expect from us. Starting from all documentation to legal formalities, we do everything diligently.

What Are Our Services?

When it comes to International shipping goods to Kenya from USA, we take care of the packaging. That keeps the package safe without damaging it. We also take special care & attention when it comes to delicate or fragile products. Just hand over your package to us, and get your parcel to reach its destination correctly.

Are you worried about your supply chain business? We are here to provide sea shipping from USA to Kenya. A few include full-container load services and less-than-container load shipping. We have even made a mark among the best air cargo companies in Kenya. You name it, and we have a customized solution for your every need.

Are you searching for reliable air freight from USA to Kenya? If yes, then the wait is over. You may need quick and hassle-free parcel services in Kenya. AQUANTUO can be your best partner. We can be the fastest method of transportation you have ever chosen.

We offer integrated parcel delivery services in Kenya. With that, we provide international shipping and assisted purchase. Moreover, you enjoy concierge service for online purchases.

AQUANTUO is trustworthy, reliable, and ensures excellent and prompt customer service. You can rely on us to reduce your cost to a great extent. Consequently, we help you with our cost-effective transportation methods. And that is not all! You can also track your shipment from start to end. That means you can see it right from the day you place the order until we deliver it. With any shipping requirements, AQUANTUO is always here at your service.


AQUANTUO ships by land, sea, and air. So, the distance doesn’t matter as we rely on the quality of service. The shipping cost from USA to Kenya or vice versa is the bare minimum. By air freight, we ship in 5 to 10 business days, 6 to 8 weeks by sea, or get a local delivery as per the address. If you are not sure of the shipping charges, try our shipping calculator. Put in the destination country, region, and city. Select the category of the package with the total cost of all the items. You can tick if you wish to consolidate the items for shipping together and hit the Calculate Now button.
A few of our services for shipping from USA to Kenya or the way back include:

  • Consolidated shipping
  • Trucking/Haulage
  • Sea and Air Freighting
  • Warehousing
  • Pick and Pack Fulfillment
  • and many more

AQUANTUO even has a free mobile app. That is to say, you don’t need a system or get on a browser to do the needful. Download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store and have access to our incredible services.

You will find a range of door to door shipping companies to kenya from USA. But none can serve you a consolidated package of services that we can.