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Apr 21, 2023
CBM/CFT Calculator


CBM/CFT Calculator



Welcome to Aquantuo! Our CBM/CFT Calculator is essential for businesses transporting and storing goods. It helps you calculate the volume of your shipment quickly and easily, saving you time and effort in manual calculations. This page tells you all you need to know about it. Let’s get into it.



What is CBM/CFT in Shipping?

CBM stands for "cubic meter", and CFT stands for "cubic feet." Both are units of measurement used in shipping to describe the volume of goods being transported.

CBM is a metric unit of measurement commonly used in international shipping, while CFT is an imperial unit of measurement often used in the United States.

The CBM/CFT measurement calculates the volume of goods being transported, which is important for determining the shipping cost. Freight rates are often based on the volume of goods being shipped, as well as their weight.

To calculate CBM, you multiply the length, width, and height of the shipment in meters. To calculate CFT, you multiply the length, width, and height of the shipment in feet. The resulting number is the total volume of the shipment, which can be used to determine the shipping cost.



Our CBM/CFT Calculator has several features that make it easy to use and highly efficient. One of the features is that it allows you to calculate the CBM/CFT in various units such as metric, imperial, and others. You can also use it to calculate irregularly-shaped objects, which can be difficult to measure manually.

The calculator's easy-to-use interface lets you input your shipment's dimensions quickly. The results are displayed in real time so you can make quick decisions about transportation and storage. Additionally, you can save and print the calculations for future reference.




Using our CBM/CFT Calculator has several benefits businesses can take advantage of. One of the significant benefits is that it saves time and effort in manual calculations. Calculating the CBM/CFT can be tedious and time-consuming, especially with a large shipment.

Another benefit of using our calculator is that it increases accuracy in your calculations. Our calculator eliminates the need for complex formulas and calculations, reducing the risk of errors. You can rely on our calculator to provide accurate and reliable results every time.

Our calculator provides instant results, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly. You can use the results to plan logistics for transportation and storage effectively. The calculator can determine the best shipping options and the most suitable storage solutions.



Who Can Use a CBM/CFT Calculator?

Our CBM/CFT Calculator is a versatile tool used by various businesses transporting and storing goods. It is particularly useful for:


  • Importers and exporters:
    Our calculator helps importers and exporters calculate the volume of their shipments, enabling them to plan transportation and storage effectively.

  • Logistic companies:
    Logistic companies can use our calculator to plan and optimize their operations. The calculator helps them determine the most efficient shipping methods and storage solutions.

  • Cargo handlers:
    Cargo handlers can use our calculator to estimate the cargo volume they can handle effectively.

  • Shippers and freight forwarders:
    Shippers and freight forwarders can use our calculator to plan and optimize their shipping operations, ensuring they meet their customers' needs.

  • Warehousing and storage companies:
    Warehousing and storage companies can use our calculator to plan and optimize their storage operations, ensuring they can accommodate various types of cargo.


How to Use CBM/CFT Calculator

Using our CBM/CFT Calculator is easy. You can follow these steps to use the calculator:

  • Step 1: Input the dimensions of your shipment
  • Step 2: Select the unit of measurement
  • Step 3: Click the calculate button
  • Step 4: View the results


How do you Determine the CBM of an Oddly Shaped Package?

Using our shipping container volume calculator, you can easily determine the correct CBM measurement for standard, rectangular packages. This is relatively easy to do and incredibly straightforward.

If, on the other hand, your product has an unusual shape, you need to check that it goes within the dimensions of the box in any way to ensure that it will fit inside. Assume, for instance, that you have an exceptionally long yet narrow shipment that you need to send.

You must identify your shipment's longest, broadest, and tallest sections to address this difficulty. In other words, you need to determine the size of the smallest cuboid your package can fit into and then use those measurements as your starting point.



Why Should You Calculate CBM When Shipping Goods by Sea?

A CBM calculator is a helpful tool when transporting cargo over the sea. The majority of the concepts used in the goods shipping sector originated with maritime goods and were only adopted by the aviation and rail industries much later.

Shipping goods via ship is still the most cost-effective method, not to mention the most vital. Containerization is the primary factor that has contributed to the increased productivity of this mode of transportation. The container dimensions have been standardized since the middle of the twentieth century.

Freight containers enable automation. It is no longer necessary for goods to undergo manual handling. As containers are brought to a port, they are prepared for shipment to various destinations by being loaded into trucks or trains.

The economic impact of standardized shipping containers was felt in various other sectors and the freight industry. During the 1990s, they completely altered entire economies, which were no longer inhibited by the high costs of transporting goods over long distances by sea.

The rules governing cargo shipping help to level the playing field and solidify the terms of trade in the current economic system, which allows each nation to be connected to global value chains in the capacity of both a supplier and a consumer.

This excellent paper by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development can provide information regarding the factors determining maritime transport costs in recent years.

Since 2013, 90 percent of worldwide trade has been transported by sea, using around 700 million containers. They are becoming increasingly simple to traverse with the help of computerized logistics systems and are outfitted with remote tracking devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CBM/CFT?
    CBM stands for cubic meters, while CFT stands for cubic feet. These are measurements of volume used to determine the size of cargo.

  • What is the difference between CBM and CFT?
    CBM and CFT are both volume measurements, but they are based on different units of measurement. CBM is based on the metric system and is calculated in cubic meters, while CFT is based on the imperial system and is calculated in cubic feet.

  • Can I use the calculator for multiple shipments?
    Yes, you can use the calculator for multiple shipments. Input the dimensions of each shipment separately, and the calculator will provide the results for each shipment..



In conclusion, our CBM/CFT Calculator is a powerful tool that offers individuals and businesses a convenient and efficient way to calculate the volume of their shipments. With its user-friendly interface and real-time results, the calculator saves time, increases accuracy, and helps businesses make informed decisions about transportation and storage.

Our goal at Aqauntuo is to make freight shipping safer and easier. With our calculator, you can now avoid the hassle of manual calculations. So why wait? Sign up today and experience the benefits of our CBM/CFT Calculator yourself!