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Make money with your spare luggage space on your next flight.

Send an item from one country to the other.

Shop online and have it delivered to you internationally.

Tell us what you want to buy, we will get it and send it to you internationally.

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How it Works

Send a Package

List It

On the app or website, make a request by listing the item you want to have delivered.

Item is picked up or shipped

A Transporter agrees to deliver your item and you pay for it. You meet the Transporter to handover the package or you ship it to the Transporter.

Item is delivered

Transporter or an Aquantuo representative delivers package at the requested location.

Your Online Purchase


Shop online from your favorite online store.

Ship to us

At checkout, choose to ship it to your unique Aquantuo Address


Log into Aquantuo, tell us what you bought and pay for int’l shipping

Delivered to you

We ship the item to you as soon as we get it.

Buy For Me

Tell us

Provide the url or details on what you want to buy


We confirm the item with you after which you pay for the item

Item is delivered

We purchase the item and once we get it, we immediately forward to your int'l address

We Are Available in

Aquantuo is currently available in Ghana, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when Aquantuo is available in your Country.

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Money in your pocket

Travel frequently or occasionally? Make money from the extra space in your luggage or pick up a suitcase and make more money from it. Even better, you are helping someone out.

Is your business into shipping large items like drums, furniture and automobiles? Could you do with a few more clients? Find Requesters who need these items shipped in your area and offer your services.

  • Fast and easy sign up
  • Post in a few minutes
  • Efficient tracking of items
  • Instant on demand communication between Requester and Transporter
Ask no more…list confidently

The days of asking: “Who is traveling to…?” or “How can I get this package to…?” are over. Aquantuo takes care of that! Place your listing today and a verified Transporter will get it there. It's affordable, faster and safer. On our platform, you will find Individual and Business Transporters local to your community and much farther who will help get your package(s) to its destination. From the Jimmy Choo shoe to the Mercedes S Class and anything in between, place your listing today and Aquantuo will take care of the rest.

  • Trusted community
  • Nearby Requesters and Transporters
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Affordable pricing
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