Payment Policy

Payment Policy - China

Aquantuo is committed to enhancing services and ensuring smooth operations for members. To achieve this, we have updated our payment policy to require full payment before shipping packages from China.

Policy Statement

Effective immediately, all members must complete full payment before Aquantuo will ship packages from China.

Purpose and Rationale

This update aims to improve customer service by reducing delays and facilitating the logistics around moving packages to ensure timely deliveries. This also simplifies the payment process, allowing us to plan and manage logistics more effectively.


This policy applies to all Aquantuo members shipping from China.


Payment Methods:

  • Card payments
  • Bank transfers
  • Mobile money transfer

An invoice will be sent once the items are marked as received. Members have 7 days to make the payment from this date. Failure to do so will result in storage charges accruing. Packages that are not paid for in time will not be shipped out. Upon request only, members can make a 70% deposit upfront, with the remaining 30% balance due within the first 7 days after the packages arrive at their destination.

Consolidation: The consolidation window is 21 days from when the first package is received at the supplier’s warehouse. If we have to hold the packages in China beyond this period, a service fee will apply.

Opening Boxes: For our China operations, we take a picture of the label unless contents are requested. Opening boxes and providing images incur a fee of $1 per package.

Storage Charges: Storage charges will start accruing from China 7 days after the final invoice is sent to the member. Packages not paid for after 21 days of storage will be donated to charity and Aquantuo will not be liable for these packages anymore. This applies to the destination country as well.

The below storage fees will begin to apply if full payment is not made within 7 days:

  • $2/kg/day for packages greater than 23kg or 0.023 CBM 
  • $1/kg/day for packages less than 23kg or 0.023 CBM

  • Weight & Dimension Discrepancies: Concerns about weight discrepancies must be raised within seven (7) days of receiving the final bill after the item has been received in China. Requests for re-weighing items for cost revisions will not be considered.

    Special goods: Your bill may change if additional checks reveal that the package contains special goods (liquids, car batteries, perfumes or cosmetic products).

    Returns After Shipment: No refunds will be issued for cancellations after the shipment has left China. Any issues should be raised before the shipment leaves.

    Returns at Origin: Members are responsible for all return costs. A pre-paid return label must be provided, or if we create the label, a service fee will apply. Members must pay for all associated return costs.

    Logistics and Operations

    Requiring payment before shipping allows Aquantuo to plan and manage logistics more effectively, leading to better service delivery and operational efficiency.

    Handling Damaged Items: If an item arrives damaged at our China warehouse, we will notify you to arrange a return. If an item goes missing between receipt in China and delivery to the destination country and insurance was paid, we will reimburse all fees except for insurance and any accrued storage fees. Each case of damage will be assessed individually.

    Insurance: Insurance is still set at 3% of the declared value for both air and sea freight.

    Member Responsibilities

    Members must comply with the payment before shipping policy and ensure prompt payment to avoid delays. Members are encouraged to pick up their packages on time and clear any balances to avoid storage fees.

    Consequences of Non-Compliance

    Failure to comply with this policy will result in shipping delays and accruing storage charges. Packages not paid for within 21 days will be donated to charity, and Aquantuo will no longer be responsible for them.

    Review and Updates

    This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it meets our operational needs and customer expectations. Updates will be communicated as necessary.


    For further clarifications, please click here to see FAQs.