Insurance, Claim and
Return Policy


Aquantuo does not have any expertise in any specific products. As a logistics company, we only facilitate the purchase and/or transport of specific goods from the specified sellers, individuals and businesses of your choice from USA, Canada, China, and the UK and ship the goods to your destination in Kenya/Ghana.

Online Purchase Policy

It is the full responsibility of the customer to vet the sellers, suppliers, and online stores they wish to purchase goods from. Aquantuo will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions /cases between the customer and the seller. Aquantuo will not bear liability for any orders routed to wrong addresses by the seller other than the address provided at our website or packages that arrive at our warehouses in defective states. Aquantuo will not take liability for brand new packages still in their unopened/ original packaging that are found defective when initially powered on or examined by client, to include items that show no physical damage externally. Review our premier membership policy to have new items tested for additional verification prior to shipping.

Buy For Me/Concierge Policy

Aquantuo will only purchase on the customer’s behalf from authorized brands and stores. It is the full responsibility of the customer to vet the sellers, suppliers, and online stores they wish to purchase goods from. In case we deliver a brand-new item that is different from what a customer ordered (different brand, model, SKU number and size),we will offer full refund or exchange the items from the store with the right one, in condition that the item is not damaged or unused. Before an exchange we will require that the product seal is intact, except for products that cannot be differentiated visually based on information provided on the product packaging.

This policy EXCLUDES items purchased from sites that sell used or refurbished items such as Ebay and Swappa among other unauthorized sellers or third parties. This policy is also not applicable for items sold AS IS.

In the event that a customer requests for a refund of an item that has already been purchased, but hasn’t left the country of origin, a refund matching what was received from the store will be initiated. This typically takes 5-10 days to reflect in the customer's account. Aquantuo will not also refund the full Buy For Me/ concierge processing fee.

Send A Package/Door to Door Policy

To ensure full protection of picked up packages from the pick-up location to any of our warehouses insurance is required. In case of loss when a customer has requested us to pick a package from a location within USA, Canada, UK and China, Aquantuo shall bear full liability of the package and offer refund of the pick-up fees if insurance was purchased.


We do not offer return services once an item has arrived in the final destination country where we do not offer export services back to the country of origin. In countries where we offer export to the country of origin the customer shall bear the full cost of export for free account members. When items arrive at our warehouses abroad, we shall share one photo of your received orders. We shall provide additional photos of the items if required at a fee. Customers are required to confirm the items received, condition and advise on any damages. Should a customer request a return of an item to a seller, they will be required to provide a return label or cater for the cost of return to the seller, store or sender. There will be a minimum processing fee of $10 for each return. This return processing fee is waived for Buy For Me orders.


There will be a non-refundable insurance cover of 3% of value of goods, which the customer declares when they ship to us. This insurance will apply to complete loss of goods and damage provided that the customer pays the applicable premium before the shipment leaves our warehouses abroad. In case of loss or damage, items under insurance will be fully replaced. Please note that Packages shipped without insurance are done at customers own risk and any losses or damages will not be borne by Aquantuo. Again, parcels that are uninsured will not be eligible for refunds or claim.

  1. If goods were insured, a customer must notify Aquantuo of any claim for failure to deliver, lost item or damages in writing by submitting a claims report here, within 7 calendar days from the delivery date and provide Aquantuo with the package ID, sender details, the waybill number (if any) and complete receiver information. Within 30 calendar days after customer notifies Aquantuo, Aquantuo shall decide either to.
    • provide the customer with a credit note on the next shipping charges, a refund or replacement of the package.
    • provide the customer with information explaining the reason that the shipment is not eligible for refund under the applicable limitations, exclusions or provide the customer with evidence of delivery to them.
  2. Refunds will be made based on the item value insurance was paid on.
  3. Aquantuo reserves the right to review a value of the package provided by the customer.In the case where failure to provide receipts, the market value of the item will be assumed.
  4. The maximum declared value is $10,000 per package and $15,000 per pallet. If a single package or pallet to be insured exceeds this value, an Account Manager can be engaged for review prior to shipping.
  5. For damaged items, Aquantuo will review the extent of damage and cost involved in fixing the item. A decision to fix or fully replace the item will be arrived at after consultations with the member if insurance is purchased.Please note that we will not refund refurbished or used items due to the risk involved in purchasing them.
  6. A claim will not be eligible for refund where loss of item or failure to deliver on time is due to circumstances beyond Aquantuo’s control to include but not limited to, inaccurate or incomplete shipment information to our warehouse, delivery instructions or information (missing, inaccurate or no receiver telephone number),shipment of prohibited items or force majeure.
  7. A customer will not assign a different party to file claim on their behalf.
  8. Aquantuo will make every reasonable effort to deliver its consolidated shipments to the airline on time, but these schedules are not binding and do not form part of this contract.
  9. Aquantuo can choose to settle with no refund to the customer if they were made aware of the need to purchase insurance but still ignored.
  10. Aquantuo will not refund any lost or damaged items to customers who have confirmed fraudulent activities on their account or whose accounts have been blocked for any reasons.