Return Policy

If an item you ordered has a manufacturer's defect or is the wrong size or you decide you do not want it, Aquantuo can assist with returning it to the retailer or manufacturer before it leaves the US or Canada. This is why we encourage our members to verify the status of items posted on their dashboard as soon as a notification is received. Aquantuo is however unable to accept returns after the item has been delivered to you in the final destination country unless you are willing to bear the cost to ship it back to the US or Canada through us to the retailer or manufacturer.

We encourage all users to purchase insurance for all items, especially for high value items. If insurance was purchased and you receive a package in a defective or unusable state or your item gets lost, Aquantuo is happy to return such items for Aquantuo credit or issue a full refund, whichever you prefer. Damaged/lost items without insurance are entitled to a limited amount in refund of the items value

Before we get an item to you, we ensure it is in the item you ordered or it is in the same state as we received it. If you receive an item from Aquantuo other than what you ordered, or is broken or demonstrably defective as a result of our handling process, please notify the Aquantuo delivery person upon receipt. Please inspect your Aquantuo item when you receive it, prior to signing to accept receipt of the delivery.