Frequently Asked Questions

Aquantuo is free to join. You can sign up as a regular user or switch to become a Premier Member. Details of our Premier membership program can be found here.

Free. You can sign up for free as a regular user or switch up to become a Premier Members. Details of our Premier Membership program can be found here.

To get an Aquantuo address, please sign up at or download the Aquantuo App from Google Play or the Apple App Store. After signing up, you will find your unique addresses under your profile. An email will also be sent to your verified email with these addresses.

The address format will be found under your profile, both on the app and website. However, the package should be addressed to Aquantuo in your name and the unit number must be present. The name on the package must match the name registered in our system. Packages without a unit number will experience delayed processing or will not be processed at all.

Yes. To continue to use your account without interruptions and ensure quick processing of your shipment, providing your address and contact details helps us contact you quickly if we have any questions about received packages or packages that are yet to be received.

No. Your Aquantuo address should not be used as your billing address. Your billing address is the address your bank has on file for the card being used. If using a gift card, please check with the gift card issuer. If the website will not accept your address, consider using our Buy For Me service.

Stores require a phone number typically for follow up. Use a number in the country of your purchase when asked. If none is available, you may use our number. Because we may not know about the details of your order and due to the large volume of calls we get, we may not be able to answer questions from the store when they call us. Our shipping charges are based on the physical weight or volumetric weight (dimensions) of the package, whichever is higher. Our pricing can be found using our Shipping Calculator. Shipping by sea is based on the size of the package.

Yes. The total shipping charges shown on your account or in the shipping calculator will show the total amount due which will cover shipping, customs duty and Insurance. If the correct item value, weight and dimension are provided, you will pay exactly what you see or that estimate shouldn’t be too far off from what you ultimately pay. If the value of your item is understated, additional fees will be required in customs duty.

Also known as dimensional weight, volumetric weight is a pricing method used to ensure that airlines and shipping companies don’t lose money on large but lightweight shipments. Although they might not be heavy, they take up space, which prevent other items from filling up that space. Volumetric weight is computed with a formula that is based on the actual dimensions of the box. Physical weight is the weight of the package as shown on the scale. Volumetric weight is calculated based on the item’s length, width, and height. As a result, a large box of pillows might be considered heavier than a small little box of books. Aquantuo will always use the larger of the two when shipping your packages.

To provide an exhaustive list will be a challenge we can't take on. However, the following are some recommended sites from the US, UK, Canada and China in Alphabetical Order. This is in no way an exhaustive list:

Yes. Aquantuo opens all packages to inspect the contents for damage, dangerous goods and prohibited or restricted items.