Frequently Asked Questions

Our shipping charges are based on the physical weight or volumetric weight (dimensions) of the package, whichever is higher. Our pricing can be found using our Shipping Calculator.

Shipping by sea is based on the size of the package.

Yes. The total shipping charges shown on your account or in the shipping calculator will show the total amount due which will cover shipping, customs duty and Insurance. If the correct item value, weight and dimension are provided, you will pay exactly what you see or that estimate shouldn’t be too far off from what you ultimately pay. If the value of your item is understated, additional fees will be required in customs duty.

Also known as dimensional weight, volumetric weight is a pricing method used to ensure that airlines and shipping companies don’t lose money on large but lightweight shipments. Although they might not be heavy, they take up space, which prevent other items from filling up that space. Volumetric weight is computed with a formula that is based on the actual dimensions of the box. Physical weight is the weight of the package as shown on the scale. Volumetric weight is calculated based on the item’s length, width, and height. As a result, a large box of pillows might be considered heavier than a small little box of books.

If you are buying yourself, before or after you complete your purchase from the retailer’s website, come to our platform and list your item. Once the item arrives at your unique address, we will send you an email notification confirming the item has been received. Please allow at least 1 business day to be notified from when you believe the delivery will be made or has been made.

No. There are no minimum weight requirements. We accept and ship every prohibited item and can ship items as small as a pen to as large as a car individually or consolidated, as you request.

After items have been received at our facilities and the cost of shipping has been paid, it takes approximately 5 -7 business days for items to be delivered by Air and 6-8 weeks if it's by Sea to Ghana or 8 to 11 weeks if its by Sea to Kenya.

Your item or package ID is your tracking number. Click on the “track” icon next to your listing to tracking the package or put your package or item ID in the tracker.You will also receive email notifications as your package transitions from one state to the other.

Yes. We can consolidate your shipment as they come in until all your items are received. Doing this could help you save on the cost of shipping.

Yes, we deliver your package to your door. In most regions, the local delivery charge is inclusive in the amount paid on the platform. In some areas, there is an extra small fee that will be accessed to get it to you or out of our regional office to another region. Some members prefer to pick up their packages from our locations, this can also be done.

After your last package has been received at the originating country, we will hold your items for 21 days/3 weeks after which we start charging for storage at the following rates per day: $5 for small items like laptops, phones, $25 for large items like furniture, $50 for larger items like cars. Items not claimed after 21 days are given to charity. If you are consolidating your items, the 21 day count starts after your last item has been received.

On arrival at the destination country, packages can be held for 5 days before fees begin to accrue.

Items not claimed after 30 days are donated to charity.

Currently we ship at least once a week by Air Freight and once a month by Sea Freight. Packages need to be at our warehouse by Wednesday to make it for the standard shipping for the week. We also offer express shipping services. For details on our express shipping services, please contact us.

Yes, our express shipping services takes about 3-5 working days. Currently not shown in our Shipping Calculator, for details on our express shipping services, please contact us.

Yes, you can either use WYOMING or CAMDEN WYOMING. Camden and Wyoming are twin cities and can be put together. Our US warehouse is actually located in Wyoming.