Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can assist with this service as part of our xYes, we can assist with this service as part of our service. We will need you to provide a link to the item you are looking to buy or similar item.

For non premier members, the concierge fee is 17% of the value of the item. Premier Members get to pay 10% of the value of the item.

Pick ups can be done within a 45 mile radius for in store purchases within our US location at a $50 minimum fee. However, we ask that you contact us in advance before making these purchases to confirm when we can arrange to have the pick up done.

Yes, we have in house resources that can help source a car from dealerships, private parties or auctions. We offer convenient services in purchasing brand new, used, accident and auction cars. We are also positioned to ship and handle the clearing process to your destination address. Due to the high demand for this service, we kindly ask that you engage us when you are absolutely ready to proceed. We have several articles on this website that covers general costs and the processes if the goal is to get a sense of typical charges.

This local delivery service is currently available in Ghana only where we offer local delivery (Pick up and drop off) services within Accra and Tema, with bikes and cars serving the needs of restaurants, retailers, offices, and other small to large businesses.

Yes. We offer door to door services by arranging a pickup from a home or a business address and will have it delivered to the requested destination country.

At this time, we only send packages from Ghana to the US.

At this time, we do not.